David Atkins Un-American Listed

When you look at this un-American’s Twitter account it is littered with Nazi war crime tribunals. Let’s hope he is among the next group of photos. Until then he is Un-American listed.

Evanston/Skokie School District 65

Stacy Deemar, a middle school drama teacher, sued the school district over its curriculum allegedly forcing students to participate in “privilege walks” separated by race, comparing “whiteness” to the devil, and other lessons that pit “different racial groups against each other,” according to the suit.

Judge Richard Frye – Un-American Listed

A Franklin County, Ohio judge is mandating the COVID-19 vaccination for certain defendants, claiming he “just want(s) them to be safe in the community” to justify this Mengelean abuse of authority.

Nike “brand of China”

Nike CEO John Donahoe called the sportswear apparel giant a “brand of China” this week, following a fiasco it was involved in earlier this year over concerns about human rights abuses committed by the communist government.